Who are we? Company

We produce LED lighting fixtures in all conditions for 4 seasons for markets, stores, hospitals, schools, offices, venues and similar areas.

Designs the products with Engineering and Perfection as respect to Native for Next Generations.

Detay Lighting which was founded in Istanbul 23 years ago, is one of the biggest manufacturers in the lighting industry in Turkey with its production, export and employment figures. 500.000 lighting fixtures are manufactured every year and exported many countries by 100 employees at Detay Lighting plants with indoor area of 5.000 m². Optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical designs are performed within Detay Lighting by the R&D department running with strong engineer staff and designers with all these facilities owned, has shifted also to LED technology that has been developing and spreading recently, and started to produce efficient fixtures complying to this technology. Detay Lighting is one of the foremost companies due to manufacturing advantage and follows the developing technology in the World. Support all projects with innovative and true solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting needs.


Detay Lighting is being the first lighting brand that comes into mind in our country and nearby geography due to this reason, all metarials selects with ROHS documentaried in the production.and avoid many tones CO2 oscillation. Produces more professionality products with senior team partners and perfectionilism day by day. We are ready to be biggest partner for all projects and contractions ,we gives endless supporting.

We works for lighting future.

  • Aluminium Injection body
  • Changable moduler led system
  • Gasket system for water and dust protection.
  • Optional DIM choosing
  • Passive cooling system.
  • Galvanised pole paint by electrostatic powder paint.
  • Designs for Park areas sites, otels, streets ,squares


Pole Lenght Ankraj(mm) Diameter (mm)
H a b c
400 cm 400 400 400 90
600 cm 400 400 400 90r