LED Floodlights

Lazada III

Led Lighting

BODY: Aluminium Extruded. COVER: 45° 120° degree special glass lens LED: LM80 standards compliant LED with lifetime over 100.000 hours, 120° light beam angle, High Color rendering index (Ra >80),High Power Led DRIVER: Constant Current high efficenty, power factor correction immune to fluctuations in grid voltage and providing constant light output. OPTIONS: 3000K-6500K color options, Dimmable and Dali Control System. USING AREAS: Factories, warehouses, sport areas, buildings etc...
Product Code Power Lümen Light Color Color Rendering Power Factor Sizes mm
a - b - h
Weight (kg) Box Pieces
1000-510180W252003000-6500K80 CRI0,95 cos100 270 50